Crestron, the global leader in enterprise control and automation technology, is now
shipping the new generation of their award-winning line of TSW touch screens. The
TSW-560, TSW-760, and TSW 1060 deliver a bold new level of touch screen
performance and security for a broad range of enterprise applications. On top of
that, the new touch screens are available at the same, or even lower, pricing as the
prior generation.

“TSW touch screens are recognized as the industry standard for enterprise
applications,’ said Byron Wendling, Technology Manager at Crestron. “TSWs
combine high performance and high security with sleek design and an exceptionally
intuitive user experience. The new generation of touch screens are even faster and
more powerful, with thoughtful new features that deliver big benefits to integrators
and their customers.’

New TSW touch screen features include:

• Blazing fast processor – The latest TSWs feature a state-of-art Crestron
processor that delivers a whole new level of performance. Touch screen control and
navigation is incredibly fast and responsive, perfect for technology-driven meeting
rooms and classrooms.

• Total security – TSW touch screens provide enterprise-grade network security
by leveraging existing corporate protocols, including 802.1X, TLS, FIPS-140-2, SSH,
and SFTP.

• Backlit capacitive buttons – The screen border now features backlit capacitive
buttons that illuminate according to user needs. The result is an even sleeker look
and more intuitive user navigation as unneeded buttons effectively disappear.
• Ambient light sensor – Like popular mobile devices, screen brightness and
LED backlights now adjusts automatically according to ambient light levels in the

• Built-in PinPoint™ proximity beacon – Delivering a seamless and satisfying
meeting room experience is easier than ever. The built-in PinPoint beacon enables
contextual room booking based on availability, size, location, and purpose. Then,
when entering the room, instantly connect to AirMedia® for wireless presentation.
• Secure mounting option – All TSWs now ship with a special mounting latch
that makes it easy to lock touch screens in place.

In upgrading such an important and popular product line, Crestron took special care
not to make any changes that disrupt how integrators install and commission TSWs.
The sleek styling and colours remain the same, as does power via PoE and easy
mounting options.

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