Proxio Audio Visual, a distributing supplier of professional Video, AV and Broadcast
products and solutions in South Africa recently announced the launch of RGBlink’s
new CP 3072PRO Vision Mixer and Scaler, which was unveiled by Proxio AV on the
20th of October 2016.

RGBlink is Asia’s leading professional audio and video company. The company is
dedicated to developing and building quality products. RGBlink develops and
supports full colour LED display controllers, mapping system solutions, broadcasting
devices, conference and video wall controllers, projectors and much more.

“The response to this new product from RGBlink has been absolutely incredible’,
says Guy Harris, the National and International Sales Manager at Proxio Audio
Visual, “This is a powerful, yet versatile vision mixer and scaler, which is an answer
from RGBlink to what many have been asking for, for some time now, to provide a
video mixer/scaler that is modular in its input design, loaded with sensible features
and functionality, at a price point that makes it accessible to everyone.’

The new RGBlink CP 3072PRO will be available for shipping in November 2016,
which provides the following features and functions:

• Up to 9 Modular Inputs (DVI/HDMI/VGA/SDI/DP/USB)
• Scale Crop & Zoom
• Effects – Blinding and DSK/Chroma Key
• Transitions – From PST to PGM with traditional CUT & FADE or select from
one of the built in Transition Effects
• Store & Recall Pre-sets
• 2K Mode Group & Take
• OSD Source Configuration with CP 3072PRO Software Application
• Layers – Background & Foreground Layer options in 2K mode, Dual 2K (4K x
1K) mode and 4K Split mode
• Multi-Mode Operations – As a traditional 2K mixer/switcher, or Dual 2K (4K x
1K) mode, or 4K Split Mode
• Genlock – 2K and Dual 2K operation options
• Built-In 4 Channel Tally
• LED Lamps – 2 x 3XLRF connectors provided at the rear
• LOGO & STILL – Separate layers for both LOGO and STILL graphics