TiMo just got a baby brother – the RDMchip. RDMchip has all the features of a TiMo RX
crammed into a package of just 6×6 mm. Add a few ancillary components and you
have a highly integrated wireless receiver that can talk both DMX and RDM.

The RDMchip is a result from close cooperation with some of LumenRadio’s key
customers that selected LumenRadio as their preferred technology provider for
wireless technology.

LumenRadio’s Sales Director Peter Lindkvist explains: “The RDMchip targets high-
volume customers that are ready to commit to having wireless DMX as a standard.
There’s obviously some additional work and investment needed when putting the
solution directly onto your own PCB, compared to working with a pre-certified module
like the TiMo, but from a cost and footprint perspective there are significant
advantages for the customer.’

Niclas Norlen, the company’s CTO, elaborates: “With the RDMchip a truly wireless
fixture can be made extremely cheap, without even the need for a user interface –
instead the users do all the configuration wirelessly with RDM – for instance with our
RDM controller SuperNova, or any other RDM controller though our wireless proxies.
The RDMchip can even be cheaper than some XLR connectors.’