Seoul-based Rhino Sound recently added 24 EAW Otto (subwoofer) array modules to
their rental inventory. The subwoofers join 32 Anya (full-range) line array modules
purchased earlier.

Part of EAW’s ADAPTive Systems line, both Otto and Anya have the unique ability to
assess and then perfectly match the three-dimensional coverage requirements of
any venue. Both modules utilize a high-resolution array of discretely powered and
processed acoustical devices to create optimized results at show speed.

“We have been using EAW ADAPTive systems for three years,’ explains Park Sung
Won, chief engineer and CEO, Rhino Sound. “It is an amazing system – typically if
the angle is wrong you need to drop the array, adjust, and re-fly the system – not
with Anya or Otto. If the system needs an adjustment I make it in the Resolution
software and the system responds immediately. The coverage is perfect.’

Otto utilizes two Offset Aperture-loaded woofers paired with independent on-board
amplification, processing and networking, to extend Adaptive Performance to the
very lowest octaves. Otto can perfectly balance low-frequency coverage with
cancellation to suit the user’s requirements; omni, cardioid, hyper-cardioid or
anywhere in between from just a single module. Combined in arrays, Otto provides
users with nearly endless possibilities in low-frequency pattern control.

Each Otto module includes two high-power 18-inch cones featuring Offset Aperture
loading to generate four optimally- spaced acoustical sources; one in each corner.
In addition to perfect source spacing for the loudspeaker’s operating range, this
loading also provides exceptional efficiency and minimizes harmonic distortion,
even when the system is driven to maximum levels.

The transducer, port and enclosure design allow Otto to achieve extremely high
output levels, while providing impact and low-frequency extension typical of much
larger enclosures. Resolution™ 2 software controls all performance parameters of
the total array to deliver an output pattern that provides optimal coverage of
audience areas and maximum rejection elsewhere.

“Otto is an incredible addition to our inventory,’ Park Sung Won concludes. “It pairs
with Anya perfectly and the Resolution software makes it easy to provide even
coverage in any venue and fine-tune it to meet the client’s demands perfectly. We
are very happy with it.’