Platypus Digital (a new spinoff from Platypus Productions), Groupon Grassroots and the Heart Charitable Trust are partnering to support education through a fundraising drive for OGLE Education Kiosks, a groundbreaking digital content delivery system.

“Almost every day our newspapers report on a failing education system in South Africa. We were horrified by last month’s headlines about schools in Limpopo not having textbooks yet, half-way through the school year,’ says Platypus Digital founder Stanley Edwards. “Education is the primary challenge facing South Africa and we believe that the OGLE Kiosks can play a key role in solving these sorts of learning material delivery problems.’

Platypus Digital has developed OGLE Kiosks as a national network of touch-screen content kiosks which allow both learners and educators to access and download quality, curriculum-based education and edutainment-rich content for free without the need for a computer, internet access or data costs.

Platypus Digital is running an OGLE Kiosk fundraising drive in partnership with Groupon South Africa, as part of their Groupon Grassroots initiative. Groupon’s massive customer base will be asked to contribute R20.00, R50.00 or R200.00 via their Groupon account towards the OGLE Kiosks roll-out. Non-Groupon subscribers can register to contribute at

“Collective action powers every campaign we feature and with enough supporters we can accomplish amazing things that couldn’t be done alone,’ says Jessica Stewart of Groupon South Africa. “With a little effort, we can make a big difference. Education is high on our agenda and as we celebrate Youth Day on June 16 we encourage you to make a small contribution towards to the youth of South Africa.’

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