Savant, a leader in smart home technology, recently announced the introduction of
Savant Shades, a line of innovative and design-forward motorised shades that
eliminate the traditional unsightly mechanisms and enclosures found on legacy
motorised shades. Savant’s window treatments are designed in conjunction with noted
window treatment expert James Geiger and available exclusively through Savant.

Featuring an array of beautiful, carefully selected fabrics, Savant Shades are the
modern window treatment solution for any decor-conscious smart home consumer.
Savant Shades are meticulously crafted and available in blackout, translucent and
sheer fabrics. Unlike conventional shading solutions, Savant Shades are a fascia-free
design—meaning that window boxes concealing unsightly wires, screws or fasteners
are no longer required resulting in the cleanest look possible. Savant Shades deliver a
level of simplicity and elegance throughout the home that was unavailable until now.

Savant Shades are integrator-friendly as well, decreasing cost and installation time
dramatically with innovations such as a single motor system capable of driving
multiple shades and a unique two-phase installation process that enables integrators
to test mount the assemblies before the fabric is ordered, maximising profit
opportunity while virtually eliminating fitment errors. Once installed, the shades are
intuitively configured using Savant’s award-winning Blueprint software, enabling
integrators to easily synchronise timing, set stop limits and other parameters. Shades
can be easily included in any Savant Scene, configurable by the integrator or the
homeowner. Additionally, Savant has designed a modern eCommerce platform called
The Savant Shade Designer, which makes it simple for integrators to plan and price
each job. An intuitive online store eliminates the unexpected costs that plague other
shade solutions and simplifies the ordering of standard and custom fabrics, reducing
delivery time to as little as three weeks.

By offering an end-to-end solution that comprises sophisticated energy management,
lighting control, climate, motorised shades and the most intuitive user experience
available, Savant has created a truly intelligent environment that operates seamlessly
because it has all been engineered together. Additionally, Savant’s comprehensive
solution delivers an unprecedented level of usage efficiency by bringing all of these
systems together under the award-winning Savant luxury home automation system.
Savant’s control platform will continue to support 3rd party shading solutions as it
does today.

“By adding a beautiful line of shading products, Savant has created a complete
connected home solution that is the easiest to control and offers real advantages to
the customer—including a truly smart environment that delivers energy efficiency
without compromising lifestyle and convenience,’ stated Savant CEO Robert Madonna.
“We are excited to introduce a definitively premium shading solution as part of our
new product offerings.’