Kontrol Master provides a revolutionary and unique experience, effectively and
effortlessly integrating its user’s second hand into the musical mix using a high-
precision, highly-responsive knob to control virtual knobs, faders, and more. Music
production workflow works like never before by simply hovering the mouse pointer
over the object to be controlled and immediately start using that knob for that
tactile feel that us humans know and love.

Says Touch Innovations COO Cody Myer: “Using this controller gives you such a
fluid, comfortable response, but, more than that, you get precision. Whereas, you
can overshoot and undershoot using your mouse and keyboard, which can be
frustrating. So adding a hover-dynamic experience — to simply be able to go over
any of the key elements, move along, and edit on the fly is a really handy tool. Not
only that, it’s capacitive, so you can touch. On the knob you’re touching things to
control, so you’ve got full vertical, rotary, and horizontal control throughout any
software — whether it’s Windows, Mac… even Linux. On top of that, all the buttons
are pre-programmed. We have custom layouts for Reason, Ableton, Logic, and
more. You can also customise it and save those settings, so you have your own
defaults when you start. Cooler still the transport windows let you use multiple
monitors… simply tap the buttons and — from the same position that you’re already
at on your screen — this will instantly take you to your secondary monitor, without
having to keep searching for your mouse, so you can do what you need to do.’

Kontrol Master is USB (Universal Serial Bus) powered – plug it into your computer,
customise the unit using the KM software, and use it immediately. The single knob
provides accurate control of different objects in various software interfaces.
Pressing one of the three white buttons allows that knob to control vertical, rotary,
and horizontal objects. The two orange buttons let users instantly surf across
multiple monitors. These and all other buttons make it possible to fire a
combination of up to 24 different kinds of actions, like keystrokes, shortcut keys,
and MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) events. Essentially a plug-and-play
device, Kontrol Master makes more time to focus on projects while reducing the
strain of countless hours that would otherwise be spent editing — time that could be
better spent producing and mixing music, videos, or graphic works of art.

All told, then, it should come as little surprise to learn that Kontrol Master made the
grade at The 2017 NAMM Show, January 19-22 in Anaheim, California by becoming
category, as awarded by MusicRadar, “The No. 1 Website For Musicians.’

Combining Kontrol Master with editing software favourites transforms workflow
from standard keyboard and mouse combo control to a fluid and precisely accurate
experience. It is the — now no longer missing — link between human and computer
that perfectly balances virtual parameter control with creative expression.