The ease-of-use and efficiency of ClickShare in meeting rooms is made more effective by enjoying the unique user experience for a longer period in time. So the base units should always be up-to-date and upgraded with the latest version of the Firmware. What’s new in this quarter’s update?

Firmware release 1.4 for CS-100 and CSE-200
The newly released firmware update for the CS-100 and CSE-200, the 1.4, brings the extended desktop functionality for Windows 7, 8 and 10 to the Clickshare CS-100 and CSE-200 models. Installing the ClickShare extension pack before running the update, replaces the current ClickShare launcher with both a new launcher and the driver needed for the extended desktop feature.
Encrypted logs guarantee better security for the ClickShare units. Next to this, there are added improvements to the auto-update functionality. Users can switch on the auto-update function in the settings of the base unit and never miss out on new features again. ClickShare can be hooked up to the network via ethernet if the unit needs to check for updates.

The new update offers, in summary:

• Extended desktop

• Quicker Button connection time

• Peace of mind of improved auto-updates

• Improved security with encrypted logs

The same functionalities will be added in a new Firmware update for the CSE-800 model as well, coming up soon. Extended desktop, better support for auto-discovery of ClickShare units when using the Collaboration Management Suite and encrypted logs will accompany new, exclusive and additional CSE-800 features like blackboarding and annotation in this new Firmware release.

Updating the ClickShare can be done in multiple ways. The easiest way to run an update is to activate the auto-update function on your CS-100 or CSE-200. Other options include updating a fleet of ClickShare units via the ClickShare Management Suite, updating the unit via USB, or connecting from a laptop to upload new firmware.