Unilumin’s UMini range offers a revolutionary narrow pixel pitch solution, providing 20000:1 contrast, cinema-grade HDR and ultra-wide viewing angles.

  • Based on a revolutionary chip design that has distinct advantages over both SMD and COB technology, the 0.9mm pixel pitch UMini range has been manufactured to meet three key market demands: accuracy and richness of colour; innovative power management; and robust and reliable design to ensure maximum protection and endless screen use.
  • The UMini technology, furthermore, allows the screens to cover 120% of the colour gamut (and so fully meet the DCI-P3 standard), as well as provide ultra-wide viewing of angles of nearly 180 degrees in both vertical and horizontal planes.
  • There are two products in the Unilumin UMini Series: UMini 4K is aimed at broadcasting, commercial, enterprise and exhibition applications, while UMini Integrator is aimed at high-end conference room, residential, educational and medical applications.

For more information, please visit www.unilumin.com.