Unilumin, a global leader in LED and display technology, launched their ground-breaking new mini-LED technology at Integrated Systems Europe 2020.

Steve Scorse, the CEO of Unilumin UK Ltd, gave a presentation in front of an impressive 16K Unilumin screen installation, in which he outlined the history of the development of LED technology since 2018 – and how various market verticals have responded to these changes – before explaining what makes the company’s new UMini technology unique.

Based on a revolutionary chip design that has distinct advantages over both SMD and COB technology, the 0.9mm pixel pitch UMini range has been manufactured to meet three key market demands: accuracy and richness of colour, to provide “ultra viewing experiences”; innovative power management, to give dynamic energy savings; and robust and reliable design to ensure maximum protection and endless screen use.

Scorse pointed out that, unlike conventional LED screens: “The u-level screen technology is adopted to completely absorb the stray light from outside, and the lighting does not affect the normal luminescence of the screen. This allows the screens to achieve a contrast effect of 20000:1, improve the contrast of light and shade, enhance the picture details, restore the natural colour and enhance the sense of visual impact.”

The UMini technology, furthermore, allows the screens to cover 120% of the colour gamut (and so fully meet the DCI-P3 standard), as well as provide ultra-wide viewing of angles of nearly 180 degrees in both vertical and horizontal planes. This high performance is complemented by a lamp surface protection rating of IP54 and the ability to withstand ‘bumps’ of force in excess of 10 kilograms.

As Scorse highlighted, this makes the latest generation of UMini screens ideal for applications such as digital art exhibitions and high-end corporate and retail display (where the accuracy of colour and impact of the display are of greatest importance); industrial design and medical applications (where detail and sophisticated greyscale are key); and control room and industrial design applications (where the length of screen viewing time becomes an important factor).

Responding to a question from AV Integration magazine, Scorse said that there were no current plans to develop outdoor versions of the UMini screens, but confirmed that “this was definitely possible. At the moment, the live events market don’t require pixel pitches as narrow as 0.9mm, but let’s see if that changes in the coming years.”

He also confirmed that, as part of Unilumin’s goal of remaining at the cutting-edge of LED technology, the company already had the ability to develop screens as narrow as 0.48mm in pixel pitch – though these were primarily suited to the smart watch and small display market.

For more information about Unilumin’s ground-breaking UMini technology, please visit www.unilumin.com.