Name: Robert Izzett

Company: DWR Distribution


  1. Which product/s caught your eye at Prolight+Sound 2018?

I think the Grand MA3 was a serious highlight at this year’s show. I believe that once launched; the MA3 will become the next standard in the industry. The new Axcor 300 range from Claypaky is a great addition – and I think will be a winner in South Africa. I was also impressed with Robert Juliet’s new LED Followspot (FS) as it replaces a 1200W Discharge FS.


  1. Do you feel that these products are well suited to the local market?

A significant proportion of the products at the show were not particularly well suited to the South African market due to cost and scale. However, some products are very well suited to our customer’s needs, such as the Claypaky Axcor 300 among others.


  1. What was the overall highlight of Prolight+Sound 2018

The people – in particular, the ‘Safas’. I think we can hold our heads up high on the international stage and compete with the best the world has to offer – even though it may be on a smaller scale. We have the passion, the dedication and by far the most enthusiasm