The Audio Engineering Society – the world’s dedicated source for standards,
education, and technology in the field of audio – has reported a successful
“Plugfest’ interoperability testing event of its AES67-2015 standard, held at the
headquarters of National Public Radio (NPR), in Washington, D.C., November 2-5,
2015. Hosted by the AES Standards Committee (AESSC), the event offered an in-
depth examination of AES67-2015, the “AES standard for audio applications of
networks – High-performance streaming audio-over-IP interoperability.’

This latest Plugfest event demonstrated functional compatibility between a number
of different implementations (from software applications on a PC to hardware-based
FPGA solutions) of the AES67-2015 standard – a revision of AES67-2013, specifying
interoperability methods for high-performance streaming audio-over-IP networks.
Offering an exclusive chance for manufacturers to test AES67 networking standard
protocols with their products in a controlled environment, overseen by AESSC
members, the four-day event saw thirteen products tested by eleven different
companies. The manufacturers participating included ALC NetworX GmbH, Archwave
Technologies BV, Digigram SA, DirectOut GmbH, Lawo AG, Meinberg Radio Clocks
GmbH & Co. KG, Merging Technologies, QSC LLC, Telos Corporation, Wheatstone
Corporation and Yamaha Corporation.

“These events are where we can really prove the standard and provide guidance to
improve the implementation of standard AES67,’ stated Bruce Olson, AES Standards
Committee Chair. “Just like our previous Plugfest event, held in Munich in 2014, our
manufacturer partners and Standards Committee members have once again helped
to further our goals for the professional audio community, as we continue our
mission to provide standards and education for audio professionals worldwide.’

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