GLP Inc report an overwhelming success at the recent LDI 2015 in Las Vegas — not
only because of the response the company received to its new generation of
impression LED fixtures but also for the awards with which it was accoladed.

GLP designed what was comfortably the largest trade show stand they had ever
assembled and it certainly paid dividends, as they picked up the LDI award for Best
Product Presentation, and also won an Honorable mention in the “Best Debuting
Product: Lighting’ category for new additions to the X4 family of fixtures.

Charged with desiging and programming the lightshow was Matt Shimamoto of Volt
Lites, while the overall booth design was a collaborative effort between him and
GLP Inc president, Mark Ravenhill.

According to Ravenhill, by integrating all their represented brands, including G-Lec,
Cosmic Truss and Scenex, within an impressive 50ft x 50ft display, they were able
to ignite the interest of users, including designers, consultants and rental houses
right across the board.

The stand was divided into two main sections; the front area contained a number of
product demonstration zones, information counter and hospitality — with an open
bar and “lounge’ for visitors to relax and sit down.

In this section a large wall was lit by a row of X4 Bar 20’s, in front of which was a
wall of Cosmic Truss U-Torms (a flexible solution for suspending drop fixtures and
finding tormentor positions) with alternating X4 and X4 S units. The U-Torms
themselves were short-listed for a Parnelli Award, with David Park responsible for
designing the Cosmic Truss area.

From the open and welcoming entry area, visitors were able to proceed through a
small tunnel lined with G-LEC Solaris balls, forming an alluring 360° LED video
curtain which guided them to the second part of the booth. This featured a fully
time-coded lightshow including a formal introduction to GLP’s new products being
shown at LDI — principally the impression X1, X4 L and X4 Atom.

Initially set to run every hour, so popular did the early lightshows prove that GLP
found it necessary to double the frequency by adding shows on the half hour. “The
popularity continued right up until the final show, and it was a standing room only
affair,’ reports Mark Ravenhill.

Away from the booth, the Best Product Presentation award was accepted by
Ravenhill and company founder, MD Udo Kunzler. “Everyone was hugely proud of
the award,’ declared the former.

“For this we have to give praise to lighting designer Matt Shimamoto [of Volt Lites]
who designed and programmed the lightshow,’ Mark continued. The overall booth
design was a collaborative effort primarily between Matt and himself, with David
Park creating the Cosmic Truss area.

Mark also paid credit to Nate Files who programmed the lighting for the front part
of the booth, which mimicked the show that was taking place behind through time-

In conclusion, GLP Inc’s president admits, “I have been wanting to do a nostalgic
“throwback’ lightshow to the ones where I won awards as a programmer around 20
years ago. This year all the stars aligned and it proved to be phenomenal for all of