Ayrton will continue to celebrate its 15th anniversary at the LDI Show in Las Vegas Convention Center with an exciting new variation on its much-anticipated light show. Visitors to the booth are in for a treat as they enter a “crystal dome’ to witness over 300 new Ayrton fixtures presented in a spectacular display, and even have the chance to sit in one of the special gaming chairs.

The new light show has been designed by top lighting designer and a long time advocate of Ayrton, Cory FitzGerald. FitzGerald is known for his stunning designs for artists such as Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber, Janet Jackson and The Chainsmokers. He has promised a light show that will delight and inspire, and illustrate just some of the amazing possibilities a lighting designer can achieve using Ayrton products.

Four new Ayrton products will be making their US debut at LDI 2017: Ghibli™, Merak™, Minipanel™-FX and WildSun™ K25 TC. These exciting new fixtures were launched earlier this year at Prolight + Sound Frankfurt and PLASA London respectively, where they received an incredible reception and are all set to weave their magic across the US market.


Ghibli™ is Ayrton’s first LED spot luminaire and marks an expansion of Ayrton’s Automated Lighting range. Compact, elegant and lightweight, Ghibli delivers an impressive 23 000 lumen output which makes it powerful enough for large-scale arenas and features a 7:1 zoom with an 8.5° – 57° beam spread. An optional High CRI Mode can be implemented for situations demanding even higher quality light output. Ghibli also features CMY colour mixing, variable CTO, and a complete effect section including two gobo wheels, a prism, an animation wheel, two frosts, and a rotating framing system that allows a full wipe, all in a most competitively priced package.


Launched at Prolight+Sound 2017, Ayrton’s Merak 250W RGBW LED wash light is a little powerhouse of technology that features a proprietary 10:1 optical zoom system, with a 7° to 70° zoom and a new Fresnel lens design to ensure perfectly homogenous colour mixing regardless of beam angle. With its single-source transmitting lens, Merak™ casts wonderfully crisp light and just one shadow. It forms a perfect complement to the new Ghibli LED spot luminaire.


MiniPanel™-FX, a diminutive version of the MagicPanel™-FX, indicates the flavour of things to come as Ayrton continues its development of a range of miniaturised versions of its hugely successful FX range. This fabulous new addition may be small in dimensions, but it is mighty in output and proffers a zoom spread of 3.6° to 53°. MiniPanel-FX houses four of Ayrton’s unique square lenses in a neat 2 by 2 configuration to form an extremely powerful beam and wash light with immense creative possibilities. With characteristic endless double rotation, MiniPanel-FX is the perfect tiny complement to its hugely successful siblings, MagicPanel™-FX and MagicBlade™-FX.

WildSun™ K25 TC

WildSun™ K25 TC (True Colour), is an evolution of WildSun™ K25. It sports a new LED chip that is calibrated to deliver a consistent colour temperature of 5700K and CRI in excess of 92, yet uses 40% less power. Its near perfect daylight output makes it ideal for automotive, fashion and broadcast applications.

More details of Merak™, Ghibli™, MiniPanel™-FX and WildSun™ K25 TC, and the complete range of Ayrton’s LED lighting products can be found on the Ayrton website at www.ayrton.eu

“Ayrton is committed to providing the lighting designer with a complete range of lighting tools to suit every purpose and size of venue,’ says Ayrton CEO, Chris Ferrante. “Our new releases are indicative of the breadth of our product range which constantly evolves to meet the requirements of our creative client base.’