A few short weeks after joining forces to offer the most complete range of projection solutions in the professional AV space, visualization experts Barco, and projectiondesign® will share two stands at the upcoming ITEC exhibition in Rome, Italy. At their booths, themed as “joining forces’ they will demonstrate their combined offering for visualization and training.

As a key European forum for the training, education and simulation marketplace, ITEC has traditionally hosted Barco and projectiondesign as individual exhibitors. “Since Barco announced the completion of acquisition of projectiondesign in February, technology users will benefit from an unrivalled level of technical expertise and specialist knowledge of the industry’s most comprehensive and largest visual systems product offering,’ explains Peter De Meerleer, Director, Strategic Marketing, Training and Simulation at Barco.

The two companies will therefore jointly host two stands at this year’s ITEC. Stand G100, the main stand, will showcase the breadth of the two companies’ newly combined projection offering, while a smaller booth at Stand G140 will be dedicated to Night Vision Goggle (NVG) simulation.

Maria Dahl Aagaard, Product Marketing Manager, projectiondesign, confirms: “The combined power of our two great industry brands means we are able to demonstrate an enormous range of solutions for training customers, from the smallest compact projectors to extremely bright and high-contrast models.’

Unrivalled visual systems product offering

Highlights on the main stand will include three projectiondesign F22 DLP® projectors operating in portrait mode and integrated with RSI Visual Systems Raster xT Image Generator to form a 4m curved screen for helicopter simulation with increased vertical field of view (FOV); a pair of Barco SIM 7Q HB LCoS projectors showing daylight flight simulation content, from CAE; and, several FL35 ReaLED™ projectors with solid-state illumination, also arranged as a curve to show armoured-vehicle content provided by Cursive Simulation using VBS2 software from Bohemia Interactive.

In addition, a pair of projectiondesign F35 projectors will be on display showing maritime content from Transas, a Barco SIM 10 powering a rear-projection setup showing very highly detailed images from defence and security company Saab; and one portable SEER 1 dome solution using a single projectiondesign F35 projector with an Hemispherical lens for specific JTAC training needs.

Also on display here will be miniature models of Barco’s RP-360 and CD-2260 visuals and Barco’s IP Video Systems networking image transfer, recording and playback products.

At the NVG Pavilion, a Barco SIM 7Q HC LCoS projector will demonstrate its exceptional high contrast and impressive black levels using SELEX Galileo’s VIR3x Image Generator System showing a helicopter night flight. A projectiondesign FS35 IR wuxga projector with dual IG input capability using RSI Visual Systems Raster xT Image Generators for simultaneous RGB + IR imagery that will show brighter night scenes featuring simulated stars, moons, explosions and the like.