Barco will showcase its game-changing, bezel-less LCD video wall platform that is revolutionising the video wall industry: Barco UniSee®. It’s the latest innovation designed to enhance overview situational awareness across utility enterprise including control rooms, situation rooms, experience centres, large meeting rooms and lobby areas, and part of a robust enterprise collaboration portfolio including wireless presentation systems, meeting room solutions, and purpose-built 24/7 video walls at DistribuTECH in San Antonio, Texas, January 23-25.

Barco UniSee is the only bezel-less LCD video wall platform not just for critical infrastructure monitoring but also for T&D enterprises’ experience centres, large meeting rooms and situation rooms. It offers an uninterrupted viewing experience and an innovative mounting system that simplifies installation and maintenance while promising superb image uniformity across the canvas.

Barco OpSpace software provides a secure, personalised workspace for control room operators/supervisors that can securely aggregate and display visual content from various sources in a single pixel space controlled by a single mouse and keyboard.

The RGB Laser video wall for 24/7 Control Rooms enables altogether the highest image quality, reliability, energy efficiency and lifetime compared to previous generation, rear-projection video walls using LED or Laser Phosphor technologies for a lower total cost of ownership.

UniseeBarco UniSee takes T&D monitoring to the next level with a bezel-less LCD canvas

Barco UniSee is the most game-changing, large-scale modular LCD visualization platform to hit control rooms in decades. It features the industry’s first 0.3 millimeter mechanical “air-gap’ between tiles, offering a high-quality, uninterrupted viewing experience. The unique, modular platform delivers unmatched color uniformity thanks to an automatic, continuous and real-time color and brightness calibration system; high operational performance and impressive uptime with a redundant, remote power supply; innovative mounting system that simplifies installation and maintenance while solving typical problems associated with commissioning large LCD video walls.

Barco OpSpace boosts T&D operators’ efficiency and effectiveness like never before

Barco OpSpace enables complete situational awareness. This is accomplished in the most efficient, intuitive and comfortable way by securely displaying all applications, remote desktops and camera/video streams within a single pixel space controllable with a single keyboard and mouse.

Laser,videowallRGB Laser for 24/7 Control Rooms – A night and day difference

The ODL-721 video wall represents the pinnacle of image quality, reliability and lifetime for a low total cost of ownership. The ODL-721 over-achieves in brightness, contrast, energy efficiency and viewing angles – and requires half of the time and effort to install when compared to typical a video wall.