Chauvet, a leading manufacturer of professional lighting, is a Platinum sponsor for the PLASA Focus Leeds show, scheduled April 30-May 1. CHAUVET Professional will display an assortment of fixtures in stand N-B12, such as Legend 230SR Beam moving yoke, Ovation series of theatrical luminaires, Q-Wash 436Z-LED zooming LED wash light, PVP S5 and PVP S7 high-definition video panels and more.

CHAUVET Professional Legend 230SR Beam is a compact, lightweight, intensely bright moving head beam, built for touring, live events, television sets or clubs. Legend 230SR Beam has a tight 2.25-degree beam angle and houses a 230-watt Osram Sirius lamp, which makes this fixture strikingly bright at 96,000 lux at 15 meters. The incorporated high-quality glass optics and 8-facet rotating prism with zoom capabilities and motorized focus contribute to flawless hard-edged beams and energizing aerial effects accentuated by haze or fog. Operating at variable speeds, the trapezoidal 14-position (plus open) color wheel allows for better split colors and seamless transitions. Also featuring variable speeds, the gobo wheel has 17 gobos (plus open) for inspiring effects.

CHAUVET Professional Ovation F-165WW and Ovation E-190WW luminaires are designed specifically for theater and stage. Powered by 16 10-watt LEDs, CHAUVET Professional Ovation F-165WW—the line’s Fresnel-style fixture—delivers over 1,730 lux at 5 meters (13 degrees), maintaining this intensity without a significant temperature-related drop off. The fixture has an easily adjustable motorized zoom and works exceptionally well with barn doors to aid in glare reduction and beam shaping. Knobs for local control of both dimming and zoom enable fast focus calls with or without a board-op. Its innovative LED source produces smooth, even washes from 9 to 52 degrees with a color temperature of 3100 K and a beautiful soft field. Selectable dimming curves and 16-bit dimming control make it compatible with older, traditional theater Fresnel lights. Powered by 19 10-watt LEDs, CHAUVET Professional Ovation E-190WW—styled after the ellipsoidal spot fixtures—delivers over 3,446 lux at 5 meters (using the 26-degrees lens tube). Ovation E-190WW has standard beam shaping shutters, separate gobo and effect slots and lens barrels that are interchangeable with other ERS fixtures. It will be shipping with the option of 19, 26, 36 or 50-degree high-resolution lenses. Ovation E-190WW has a color temperature of 3100K, a beautiful flat field, 16-bit dimming control, allowing for smooth fades at the lowest levels.

Part of the VIP Series, PVP S5 and PVP S7 are two solid, indoor high-resolution video panels designed for touring and permanent indoor installations. Each high-resolution panel uses black face, tri-colored SMD LEDs which increases contrast, while the tight pixel pitch (PVP S5 at 5.2mm and PVP S7 at 7.8mm) decreases the viewing distance, making these video panels ideal for high-resolution graphics and live-action video. Replete with an integrated auto-aligning housing for precise pixel alignment and with four additional M10 mounting points, each panel’s modular nature and solid construction allow for fast, easy setup and long-term installations. An optional PVP Rigging Kit is also available for hanging from pipe or truss. The fixtures work together interchangeably to create large wall designs of mixed resolutions, and can easily be rigged by a single person, minimizing load-in time and labor costs.

Joining the Q-Series line of moving heads, CHAUVET Professional Q-Wash 436Z-LED is a zooming LED wash powered by 36, 10-watt quad-colored RGBW LEDs. A versatile zoom of 17 to 39 degrees makes this unit appropriate for a wide variety of applications. Five sections of LED control and built-in color macros deliver stunning eye-candy effects and flicker-free dimming allows for on-camera use.