Eaton expands its award-winning Zero 88 FLX range with two powerful, all-new
lighting control consoles designed for applications where space, time, ease of use and
flexibility are key factors.

FLX S24 and FLX S48 are affordable, easy to use and fun. They control 48 and 96
fixtures respectively to bring the power, simplicity and cost-efficiency for which Zero
88 are renowned.

Recognising that programming time continues to become ever-tighter and more
precious, Zero 88 has streamlined key elements of FLX S to assist with all the prep
work, getting the user ready to operate even quicker.

“RigSync’, nominated for a PLASA Innovation Award, keeps FLX S fully synchronised
with the lighting rig, without any need for the user to understand DMX or even think
about patching.

“Guidance’ helps the user through key features of the console, allowing them to learn
and refresh their skills at their own pace.

Colour is at the core of the operating architecture, providing quick and accurate
control of colour changing fixtures via the four encoder wheels and the 7′ multi-touch
display – offering Zero 88’s award winning colour and image picking interfaces and
access to “Mood Boards by LEE Filters’.

Moving lights can be intuitively controlled using the multi-touch pan/tilt grid or the
encoder wheels – hugely popular and familiar to the majority of console operators – or
by applying automatic movement effects such as “figure 8’, “rainbow’ and “fly-in’.
For speed, convenience and familiarity, regular functions have dedicated buttons
rather than “soft’ unlabelled buttons that keep changing, and there is a Master GO
button for theatrical style Playback.

Free apps for iOS and Android are an integral part of the overall FLX S package.
Tablets act as wireless touchscreen monitors, while smart phones act as remotes,
providing wireless control of the rig and allowing the user to manipulate, control and
playback their shows. Apple Watch users can also benefit from using their device as a
focus tool.

Enhanced connectivity includes two USB ports, an Ethernet/networking port, both 5pin
and 3pin DMX outputs, and for FLX S48, an external monitor. Both consoles are
available in either one or two universe versions out of the factory, or with the option
to upgrade easily online after purchase.

FLX S presents two extremely compact and lightweight control solutions with tidy
footprints which are ideal for touring, travelling or fixed installations. FLX S24 has
been built to fit within a 19′ rack enclosure.

The FLX S range is designed for universal appeal and is manufactured in the UK by
Zero 88 – bringing 45 years of professional entertainment manufacturing expertise. It
is especially suitable for fringe theatre productions, education, community venues,
houses of worship, corporate events and presentations, concerts, rental applications,
fashion shows, festivals, holiday parks and themed attractions, cruise ships, and
television, among others.