With the launch of the new ZLX series, Electro-Voice has extended its range of speaker systems to include two active and two passive models. The ZLX series, presented at the Prolight + Sound (April 2013), comprises the two powered models, ZLX-12P and ZLX-15P, and their passive counterparts, ZLX-12 and ZLX-15.

They are equipped in each case with 12′ and 15′ woofers, respectively, a 1.5′ titanium HF driver and, in the case of the powered models, a 1000 W (peak) Class-D power amplifier – compromise-free, high-quality components that guarantee clear and powerful performance. The patented “split baffle’ design leads, furthermore, to a clear improvement in the acoustic dispersion. In addition to a precise sonic image in music applications, the primary advantage of this is enhanced intelligibility of the spoken word.

These features make the ZLX series a highly attractive choice for a multitude of different mobile applications: the speakers are just as suitable for musicians and small groups as for DJs and solo entertainers – whether as a main PA or monitor system (dispersion pattern 90° x 60°). All members of the ZLX series are notable for their lightness (14.9 kg to 17.3 kg), compact dimensions and robust polypropylene cabinets. The new arrangement of the handles – above, below and to the side of each cabinet – further assists with setting-up and transportation.Combining new styling with Electro-Voice’s legendary sound quality: the ZLX seriesZLX (active models).

The ZLX series includes two versatile powered loudspeaker models:

ZLX-12P – 12″ two-way, active full-range loudspeaker

ZLX-15P – 15″ two-way, active full-range loudspeaker

The ZLX-12P and ZLX-15P two-way models are each equipped with a 1000 W (peak) Class-D power amplifier. They cover the frequency ranges 50 Hz – 20 kHz (ZLX-12P) and 42 Hz – 20 kHz (ZLX-15P) respectively. The 12′ model achieves a maximum sound pressure level of 126 dB and the 15′ model of 127 dB. The two active models in the ZLX series offer both microphone- and line-level inputs. Their combination XLR/jack sockets, additional Aux In on a stereo mini-jack socket and XLR link for looping the signal through to additional loudspeaker cabinets make them highly versatile in terms of connectivity.

The contrast-rich liquid crystal display makes for user-friendly operation and allows for exact adjustment of the input level. The one-knob DSP operation and onboard presets facilitate the task of adjusting the performance to the musical genre and acoustic environment.