HARMAN Professional Solutions, the global leader in audio, video, lighting and
control systems, including networked AV, recently announced support of AES67
networked audio and video product families. AES67 is a standard to enable high-
performance audio-over-IP streaming interoperability between various IP-based
audio networks.

New Soundweb London BLU-806DA, BLU-326DA and BLU-DA devices will support
both Dante and AES67 natively and will replace the BLU-806, BLU-326 and BLU-DAN
devices respectively.

The Crown DCi-DA Dante amplifiers will also support AES67 through a forthcoming
firmware update.

In addition to the new Soundweb London DA processors and Crown DCi-DA
amplifiers, new AMX Networked AV N2000 and N1000 Series Video encoders and
decoders will be released with support for AES67 providing networked audio
compatibility with BSS and Crown products. The model numbers of these encoders
and decoders will be identified by the suffix A, denoting AES67.

“AMX Networked AV encoders can now stream audio digitally to a Soundweb London
system and from Soundweb London to AMX Networked AV decoders,’ said Tom
Lureman, Large Venue Electronics Solutions Manager, HARMAN Professional
Solutions. “Since the Soundweb London DA devices send and receive both AES67
and Dante simultaneously, the advanced functionality offered by Dante can be
retained between compatible devices, such as HARMAN processors and amplifiers.’

Support of AES67 by HARMAN video, processor and amplifier products brings
interoperability with other AES67 compatible systems and more options to facility

A forthcoming release of HiQnet Audio Architect will include the new Soundweb
London devices and updated firmware for the Crown DCi-DA amplifiers. The same
release will also include a firmware update for the existing Soundweb London BLU-
806, BLU-326 and BLU-DAN devices, bringing AES67 functionality to devices already
deployed in the field.