UK based automation manufacturer Kinesys launches its brand new Apex chain hoist
system on Stand D15 in Hall 3 (level 0) at the 2017 Prolight + Sound expo in
Frankfurt between 4th to 7th of April.

The Apex system incorporates the best of Kinesys’ extensive experience working
with variable speed chain hoists to create a range of safe, reliable and rock-solid
hoists and controllers designed to maximise creativity for show, stage and
environment designers and operators in all fields of entertainment.

The system is launched with a new hoist controller and two new chain hoists, built
to Kinesys’ exact specifications.

The range includes both 500kg and 1250kg hoists with maximum speeds of
30m/min and 12m/min respectively. All the hoists have integral loadcells, silent
dual monitored brakes, absolute and incremental encoders …and meet the
requirements of EN61508-SIL3 and DIN56950.

The drive units can be either rack or truss mounted for maximum adaptability and
depending on the application. Pass through connections for both power and data
make cabling as simple and easy as possible, and standard power and Ethernet
cables offer maximum flexibility.

A clear touchscreen display provides operators with essential feedback and allows
manual control of the hoist from the controller itself.

Safety-over-data is fundamental to the Apex system, allowing bi-directional SIL3
safety information to pass over the data network. This permits multiple controllers
to be linked together for group shutdown if required.

Intelligent duty cycle management software allows the drive to predict how much
run-time the hoist can be used for based on current running speed, temperature and

This means operators can safely run moves over a long period of time in the
correct conditions without concern that the hoist will be taken outside of its safe
working parameters.

Real time data logging is included, which allows the hoist to record its total run time
and number of brake operations as well as to keep a record of the loads that have
been lifted. This crucial information ensures that the hoist’s owner can adapt their
service schedule according to the actual usage of the hoist.

The entire range of Apex products will be available to view and in operation on the
booth which features an exciting new stand layout to demonstrate the precision and
control of this innovative new hoist system.