Martin Audio took full advantage of this year’s inaugural four-day ISE Show in
Amsterdam, announcing the new weatherised CDD-WR installation series and
showcasing the products in a live demonstration.

The combination proved successful as they unveiled these weatherised variants of
its multi-award winning and highly successful CDD range at a packed press
gathering. During the course of the show, over 800 people were taken through the
live demonstrations across 14 sessions, covering CDD, O-Line and MLA Mini. In
addition, the separate stand was busy throughout the period with many new
enquires taken for its portfolio.

Director of Marketing, James King, said, “We’ve grown a very steady reputation for
our demonstrations in the last couple of years, so we were delighted to be able to
showcase our products in a way in which the installation community could gain a
true understanding of what sets us apart from the competition.

“CDD5 was perhaps the jaw agape moment for most demo attendees—such is the
performance and clarity of such a tiny enclosure—but the entire CDD range
reaffirmed why it has become the “go to’ install range. We’ve already sold over
5,000 boxes and the enquiries emanating from the show suggest the next 5,000 is
just around the corner.

“Architects are happy with the combination of discreet design and the need for
fewer speakers; integrators are happy because they offer exemplary performance
and win more jobs with competitive tenders; and the quality of coverage and
consistency not only delights the client but also their clientele. Now, with the
introduction of CDD Weatherised, we can extend those same benefits to outdoor
environments including stadia, transport hubs, concourses and theme parks.’