Don’t miss out on visiting the Mindstec Distribution stall at Mediatech Africa 2019 to discover how the company can help find futuristic, convergent and technology-driven system solutions for your business.

Mindstec Distribution was established in 2006, opening its first office in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Since then, the company has expanded rapidly, with 14 offices currently operating across the world – including India, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Brazil and Johannesburg, South Africa.

Part of a group of companies strategically straddling the Asia, Latin America, Middle East and South African markets, Mindstec is a leader in AV distribution and, for more than a decade, has been responsible for bringing the latest cutting-edge technologies to these regions at an affordable price.


Since the company’s inception, Mindstec Distribution has been at the forefront of establishing and managing distribution networks for suppliers of audio-visual technology from the USA, Europe and Asia. Mindstec suppliers are pioneering, internationally-acclaimed, industry-leading manufacturing brands synonymous with excellence in research and development, technological innovation, convergence, new product development and application diversification.

With an ever-increasing network of AV system integrators and dealers, Mindstec Distribution strives to accelerate product application and innovation uptake. The company is continuously investing in its technical expertise to match the ever-changing technology market and to better serve its dealers and the industry itself.

As Syed Abdul Wahab, CEO of Mindstec, explains: “We offer distribution with a difference by providing value-adds such as Local Technical support and User Experience technology Workspaces we have created in our regional offices. It is an expense that we have decided to undertake as we feel that it will make a difference. These Technology Workspaces help our channel partners to showcase solutions to their end users. The consultants use these spaces to show to end clients how eventually their final workspaces would look and feel. We have always focussed on distributing State of Art technology and to support the technology locally in all regions.”

As Wahab points out, essential to the company’s growth strategy is partnering with local experts in all regions of the world to maximise the benefit to Mindstec clients.

“Wherever we set up, we ensure that we employ local expertise, as it is critical that we have people who have ears on the ground in the countries we are involved in. In this way, we are able to extend our value to dealers.”

He also explains that, on principle, Mindstec Distribution does not compete with its dealers. Instead, customised support solutions are deployed to help dealers maximise end-user outreach and potential. This includes sales, marketing and promotional support, and – over the last decade – the company has evolved into a highly structured organisation that focuses on employee responsibilities and recognition, as well as streamlining operations and following best practices in terms of human resource development.

“Our key value-add is to enable our dealers and SIs to see us an extended arm of theirs to help them with their projects.”

Chantal Groeneveld, regional director of Mindstec South Africa, explains: “Since inception in 2015 the South Africa office has grown leaps and bounds, and we are looking forward to growing the business in coming years. We are looking at adding new brands to cater to wider audiences, with expansions in audio DSP and VC products, which we will be launching at the 2019 Mediatech Africa show.”


Mindstec Distribution first debuted their impressive range of collaboration, audiovisual and digital media technology solutions at Mediatech Africa 2017, and the company are looking forward to returning to the continent’s biggest trade event in July this year to share the latest from their showroom.

“As technology is moving at a rapid pace, how we use technology is also changing quickly,” Wahab points out, and visitors can look forward to a selection of interactive touchscreen displays; 4K displays with multisite collaboration; holographic displays that promise to change the world of advertising; and latest in IPTV, digital signage content management and audio DSP products.

According to Wahab, “The company caters to a vast network of dealers and resellers and is fully capable of delivering on diverse requirements, from generalised to highly-specific client needs. Being the procurement specialist, Mindstec Distribution bridges the gap between the manufacturer and the dealer, thereby increasing the efficacies of overall operations while substantially lowering supply chain costs for dealers. Mindstec, further, helps its dealers minimise inventory loss through effective stock management strategies.”

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