At the 2017 NAB Show, NUGEN Audio will demonstrate new downmixing technology
for creating the best possible stereo mixes from original surround audio sources.
The company will also showcase its industry-leading post-production and broadcast
audio tools for loudness, upmixing, and batch processing, and a range of products
for creative sound design, enhancement, and sound-stage correction.

NUGEN Audio will unveil Halo Downmix, an all-new product in the company’s
award-winning Halo line. Halo Downmix is a highly creative solution for precise
downmixing of feature-film or 5.1 mixes to stereo. Until Halo Downmix, the options
available to audio engineers for downmixing were less than ideal. Pre-existing tools
can generate excess ambient sound as the rear channels collapse to stereo, and
they can cause indistinct dialog or disproportionate levels of low-frequency energy.
Original archive material, when upmixed using legacy methods such as rear-channel
delay and phase shifting, can end up with audible timing errors when summed to
the phantom centre.

Halo Downmix surmounts these challenges by giving the engineer hands-on control
over the relative levels, timing, and direct/ambient sound balance within the
downmix process. By allowing appropriate adjustment, Halo Downmix delivers a
result far superior to a typical in-the-box, coefficients-based process.

NUGEN Audio will demonstrate the latest update to Halo Upmix, the company’s
solution for upmixing stereo audio to 5.1/7.1/9.1 surround. Based on NUGEN Audio’s
proprietary upmixing processes, Halo Upmix has received much critical acclaim
since its launch. This update includes algorithmic improvements designed to
enhance multichannel-to-multichannel mix and upmix adjustments using the Halo
Upmix technologies to further enhance existing surround recordings.

AMB is a powerful new solution that radically expands on the concept of NUGEN
Audio’s industry-leading loudness management batch-processing technology for
high-speed audio loudness measurement and correction. AMB enables post-
production facilities to accelerate workflows significantly and reduce delivery times
for a range of different tasks, with separate modules available for upmixing and
loudness management. AMB also offers new features including threaded algorithm
processing and multiple processing threads that are addressable for simultaneous
parallel handling of files and queues.

AMB offers unprecedented scalability, allowing post-production facilities of all sizes
to add the precise processing modules they need and tailor the system to their
exact requirements. Examples include extensions to repurpose content for LRA or to
process audio within MXF or .mov files. AMB comes standard with two watch
folders/processing queues. If users need extra power and speed, the AMB Queue
Expansion provides additional watch folders/processing queues. A total of up to 16
AMB Queue Expansions can be added.

As standard, the base AMB module includes two independent processing threads
that optimize workflows by allowing two simultaneous processes to run in parallel.
For even greater speed and efficiency, users can add the AMB Thread Expansion to
activate additional processing threads up to a total of 16.