Elation Professional carried momentum from a successful PLASA show to Las Vegas, where the company was once again a Front Row sponsor of North America’s leading trade show for entertainment technology. LDI 2017 gave lighting professionals the opportunity to see for themselves what the buzz around Elation’s latest award-winning luminaires is all about.

Held recently at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Elation showcased at LDI three luminaires in the award-winning Artiste Series of full-featured theatrical-grade LED moving heads for the creative LD. The Artiste Dali™ features a new LED / Laser Phosphor light engine that gives greater spot and beam capabilities from one fixture while the Artiste DaVinci™ delivers an exceptional combination of power, colour and projection possibilities. The third in the series, the Artiste Picasso™, one of the brightest and most feature-rich profile LED fixtures to hit the market, will see its world premiere at LDI.

Elation also showed the new Dartz 360™ for the first time on American soil. A unique, full colour-mixing LED beam/spot fixture with gobos and effects, it offers all new projection possibilities from a narrow-beam luminaire. Other innovations on display included the KL Fresnel™ Series, a new line of warm-white LED Fresnel lights that provides all the warmth of tungsten halogen with all the benefits of LED. Also shown was the Chorus Line™, a new range of multi-purpose LED batten wash luminaires that takes strip lights from static, single-purpose wash lights to more manoeuvrable effects that fulfil a number of purposes in a single show.

Elation also showed its popular and award-winning Proteus™ line of IP65-rated arc-source moving heads (Proteus Beam™ and Proteus Hybrid™) as well as other cutting-edge luminaires in its broad product line.

Elation is pleased to be sponsoring a seminar at LDI by renowned lighting designer Jonathan Smeeton to be held on Saturday, November 18th from 1:30 pm-2:30 pm. The seminar, titled “From Concept to First Night,’ will address the tasks involved in taking original ideas to fruition for successful production design and is free to all LDI attendees.

Kindly visit: http://www.ldishow.com/ldi17/Public/SessionDetails.aspx?FromPage=Sessions.aspx&SessionID=1019147&SessionDateID=1001134 for more information.