RGBlink exhibited strongly at this year’s Integrated Systems Europe, using the
exhibition to increase their presence and as a platform to release a number of new

As an exhibition sponsor, the RGBlink featured prominently around the exhibition
introducing many people to RGBlink and bringing many people to the stand. In
addition, spots on ISETV and other media platforms brought visitors to RGBlink.
Said RGBlink Marketing Director Justin Knox, “Our aim was to be more than just
another exhibitor – we really wanted to increase our exposure and have the
opportunity to show the RGBlink and the products to as many people in the
integration industry as possible. ISE is certainly important to us and to the industry,
and we were overwhelmed with visitors literally from the moment the doors
opened. And the feedback we received from visitors as well as existing customers
was brilliant.’

RGBlink introduced three new Venus X Series products at ISE.

The first, X1pro, is a 4K scaler and seamless switcher – both 4K in and out, with a
range of modular options for additional inputs, and also to extend X1pro output with
a further DisplayPort and two further DVI ports.

Perhaps the most exciting – at least to look at – is X3 Live. More that vision mixing,
X3 Live integrates a control console with advancing scaling and presentation
switching capabilities. All control can be undertaken from the console and
previewed and monitored from the built in LCD monitors. Connectivity is as you
might expect – fully modular – with a wide range input and output options and other
options such as Tally. Dedicated preview and monitoring outputs are available, and
Genlock is standard too.

Said Sales Director Ben Hu, “We could really see a great opportunity to bring
presentation switching and vision mixing together – not just for live entertainment
applications but many integration applications, like control rooms, can be simplified
with an X3 Live solution.’

Venus X7 was the third of the products introduced by RGBlink – a large universal
routing and scaling processor, X7 features 32×32 inputs and outputs – all fully
modular. Build an X7 system to suit any requirement. And X7 is 4K ready, 12G-SDI
ready, supports 3D signals both encoding and decoding, is ArtNet ready, and a
whole lot more.

“The feedback from visitors was great for us, really validates the work of the
development team, and we are sure these new products will be very successful’,
said Ben.