Symetrix, a leading manufacturer of high performance audio hardware and software
for the installed sound market, will debut several new products and updates at the
2017 Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) show in Amsterdam. Attendees can check out
the latest Composer software developments for Symetrix Radius, Prism, Edge, and
Solus NX series DSPs and accessories.

Adding to Composer’s support for an existing array of third-party products from
Clock Audio, Powersoft, Ashly, Attero Tech, and Stewart Audio, recent releases
have included integration of the Shure MXA910 and MXA310 advanced beam-
forming array microphones and the Audio-Technica ATND8734 Dante mic module. In
an upcoming Composer release, Symetrix Dante-enabled DSPs will support AES67,
providing enhanced network audio interoperability.

In addition, Symetrix announces a USB Interface card for Radius and Edge DSPs.
The optional card supports up to 8 input and 8 output channels for courtroom,
meeting archival, and other multi-channel recording applications. Also of note are
driverless “plug and play” profiles for the 2×2 line I/O and 1×1 speakerphone,
coupled with the ability to disable soft codec AECs in favour of award-winning
Symetrix hardware AECs.

According to Trent Wagner, Symetrix Senior Product Manager, “Our native software
support of select Dante-enabled 3rd party products reinforces our position as the
pre-eminent DSP provider for Dante-based systems. Our upcoming support for
AES67 adds an unparalleled level of network audio interoperability, enabling
Symetrix customers to design systems with greater flexibility and fewer restrictions
than ever. In particular, we’re very pleased with the pairing of our Radius AEC and
Shure MXA910, having already deployed the duo in hundreds of installations since
last August.”

Symetrix has also announced that its 2 Line VoIP Interface Card, as of Composer
version 5.41, is compliant with key teleconferencing solutions from Avaya, a global
provider of business communications software, systems, and services. The VoIP
card natively integrates with both narrow and wide-band audio codecs, providing a
full range of telephony functionality. The 2 Line VoIP Card has been compliance-
tested by Avaya for compatibility with Avaya Aura® Session Manager 7.0.1 and
Avaya Aura Communication Manager FP1 SP1.

Finally, attendees can review the entire line of Symetrix products including the
recently released and highly successful cost effective “stand-alone” Solus NX series
as well as a new addition to the Prism family, Prism 0x0, a processing, mixing, and
routing engine for Dante-enabled end points.

Symetrix invites you to experience these products and more at ISE booth 3-A122.