Dave Budge represented Bose Professional at Alpha Technologies’ stand at Mediatech Africa, where he spoke us through Bose’s new DeltaQ ShowMatch audio system.

Speaking to AV Integration at their stand at Mediatech Africa, Tiaan Hoogstad, one of the directors of Alpha Technologies, said: “This is our first opportunity to represent TID and Alpha technologies as one company at Mediatech Africa. It’s been two years since the merger, and we are happy to report that it has been a great success. We are one of the play-makers in the industry because of the way we service the market. We’re making our mark, and the industry is responding well.”

As a result of the merger, Alpha Technologies were able to bring in an impressive range of technologies from its extensive stable of distribution partners to the show, including Beyerdynamic, Barco, Biamp, Alphatron and Bose, among others.

“We focus on the entire pro-AV industry, but when you investigate specific verticals, such as corporate, hospitality, retail, events, education or residential, we’ve got a very particular set of products that services each one. We strive to be distributors who offer full turn-key solutions. We’re able to offer everything from projection, to brackets, cabling, microphones, amplifiers and DSPs, speakers and everything in-between. We’re at a point now where we have got a solid customer base that relies on us to provide products across the board to ensure that they can deploy a turn-key solution to the end user while relying on a single supplier.”