Absen recently held a three-day training session in Nairobi, Kenya with 24 technicians and engineers from Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Ethiopia in East Africa.

Newly qualified ACE certified engineers in Nairobi, Kenya

As a free-value added program for Absen customers, the training program covers the basics of LED displays and expands to include more advanced technical knowledge and know-how. Participating engineers and technicians had the opportunity to learn and master advanced LED display technologies, with hands-on experience troubleshooting real-life scenarios. Only the participants who passed both the written and hands-on exams were recognised as qualified Absen Certified Engineers (ACE).

Absen has a proven track record globally, has occupies the position of the leading Chinese exporter of LED displays for ten consecutive years. The Absen African team has held the No.1 position in the African market in terms of market share since 2006. As Absen achieves greater market penetration across the Africa market, the company has invested significantly in the quality of service and support across the continent – from Casablanca in Morocco, down to Johannesburg in South Africa, west to Lagos in Nigeria and east to Nairobi, Kenya. Absen has successfully delivered six ACE training courses over the past four years and as a result, boasts a contingent of more than 70 trained and certified ACE engineers. As a result, Absen is able to guarantee solid service support to all of its clients in the African region.

Jessica Xiao, the Absen sales director for the African market

“Each time we hold an ACE program, the training applications flood in from countries across the region. The technicians who are familiar with Absen and the great products that we have deployed across the continent show great interest in attending. Full consideration is always taken before embarking on a new round of ACE training because we all we need to make sure that high-quality training is given and the attendees can really learn what they need for daily work,” says Jessica Xiao. Ted Peng, Absen sales manager for East Africa adds: “We’re so impressed and inspired by the enthusiasm that the engineers have shown during this 3-day training. They listened carefully in the class and an  actively took part in the hands-on operation of the technology.”

Eric Van Daele, an experienced engineer from Rwanda, attended the course and commented: “I can’t extoll enough how professional the training and trainees were personnel. The Absen team spent all day with us and were excellent. They were able to answer all of our questions and their ability to pass on their experience could not be faulted.

Paul Mutunga, a technician from Kenya has attended previous ACE training and decided to return for a refresher course.

“Working in this fast-paced changing industry, staying up to date with regards to advances in LED display technology is critical for everyone involved in the Pro-AV industry. Absen’s ACE training presents a great opportunity to learn and, therefore, make sure that my skills and knowledge are current. I attended ACE training four years ago, and despite having completed the course successfully, I still learned an enormous amount over the past three days. I intend to return for future iterations of this course so that I can continue to develop as an AV professional.”

Absen provides not only high-quality products but also excellent service support, demonstrating its committed to providing maximum value for its customers. ACE training is a critical aspect of this commitment to service and support as it ensures the human capital necessary to resource after-sales service in Africa and across the world. To this ends, Absen has held 74 ACE training sessions that have produced more than 1200 certified engineers worldwide.

Pathe Cinema, Tunisia

With more than 1000 references in over 50 countries and regions in Africa, Absen’s sales team have made an indelible mark upon the African market over the past ten years. Absen continues to grow its market share across the continent and has provided display solutions for a wide range of applications including in the OOH advertising vertical, in the rental market, as well as for cinemas, rental solutions and a wide range of fixed installations.

Chinese Embassy in Johannesburg

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