Barco is going to partner with Kaltura to bring integrated cloud-based video learning into the physical classroom. Kaltura, based in New York, is a leading technology company that specializes in video experiences and management. The two companies will join their solutions, thus optimising the digital teaching and learning experience.

Engagement in a digital world

An important trend in the digital evolution of education is that towards instructor-led, virtual sessions. When offering long-distance learning, it is of major importance to avoid the trap of one-way communication if you don’t want to lose your students’ engagement.

As a result, more and more business schools, corporate training academies, universities and colleges want to be able to provide distance learning that is live, engaging and interactive. In other words, the optimal digital teaching environment offers the same interactive possibilities as a physical classroom, with on top of that, the added value that the digital environment offers.

WeConnect virtual classroom

What does this partnership mean?

With Kaltura’s video offerings and WeConnect’s connectivity features combined, the partnership joins the best of both worlds. Apart from the digital classroom possibilities, trainers will also have a better insight in engagement metrics and analytics, monitoring the students’ participation.

Barco’s WeConnect software enables live online training and digital engagement tools, stimulating and improving both in-class collaboration and remote participation.

Kaltura’s video platform guarantees a streamlined audiovisual management platform, offering a high-quality video workflow and network optimization solutions.

Ellen Van de Woestijne, Education Segment Marketing Director at Barco, said: “We’re very excited to team up with Kaltura to deliver our customers a better learning experience. By connecting our weConnect solution with Kaltura’s video platform, the customer can bring synchronous and asynchronous training experiences into an integrated solution for better insights and improved learning outcomes.”

For more information, visit – or else experience the WeConnect classroom for yourself at ISE 2020. You can find the WeConnect classroom in Hall 12, booth F120.