When the Kvaglund Church in Esbjerg, a seaport town in the southwest of Denmark,
needed an upgrade to their existing sound system, they relied heavily upon the
knowledge of none other than the musically inclined priest of the congregation.

Having heard a K-array system in use at the Holmsborg bible camp during the
summer, Pastor Jakob Wilms Nielsen invited dealer MAVT to demo a K-array
system to combat the terrible acoustics in the chapel. The church was in need of
good quality sound for clear speech and uplifting music.

Jan Juul Hansen of MAVT brought in the KP102 Python loudspeaker and a 12′ KMT12
subwoofer to test in the sanctuary. While the system’s capabilities were being
demonstrated, Nielsen picked up a guitar and began playing. After the first few
rifts, he was more than convinced.

“You can even hear the strings!’ exclaimed Nielsen. “I’ve never heard such
clearness and natural acoustics. There is no comparison.’

After the enthusiastic thumbs up from the pastor, MAVT began work to design,
install, and program the layout of the audio system. Since the church is divided into
two areas – the actual congregation plus a small meeting room which are separated
by a removable partition – two systems were installed. Two KP102 Pythons paired
with a KMT12 sub were installed in the chapel using an invisible cable technique to
cover all wiring. The system in the meeting room consists of two KP52 half-meter
Pythons and a KU50 subwoofer inset in the wall. Both systems are powered a KA24
amplifier and are programmed to combine as one system when the partition is
removed to open up the space.

The client feedback has been overwhelming and MAVT is proud of such success:
“Everyone’s hands are in the air; they are so happy,’ says Hansen. “It is my
personal belief that everybody has the right to good sound and K-array helps me to
provide that.’