The Singapore American School (SAS) has installed a Meyer Sound Constellation®
acoustic system in its upgraded school auditorium, fixing a sound issue that
prevented performers from hearing each other clearly. The system now gives
students the opportunity to learn about active acoustics technology first hand, while
also providing a customizable sound experience for community productions.

“As a school, we have a bold vision to be a world leader in education, cultivating
exceptional thinkers, prepared for the future,’ says Dr. Chip Kimball,
superintendent of SAS. “Constellation allows us to be that world leader; it truly is
the epitome of excellence. Our students and our staff are tremendous performers
and talented individuals, and they work very hard to perfect their craft. The
acoustic system shines light on their art. This auditorium is a special place; these
kids are going to do amazing things in their lives.’

SAS students who study stage lighting, sound, video, and stage technical systems
will now learn to apply calibrated sound settings to different types of performances,
and study the principles behind processor sound sampling and optimizing
reverberation. Students will develop ideas for live sound performances such as
drama, musical theatre, speech, jazz, symphonic band, chamber orchestra, and

The effects of Constellation have already been noticed by students. “Before, the
auditorium was really difficult to project sound in,’ reports Tia Abdi, SAS high
school senior and mixed choir member. “You could often only hear yourself sing,
and it was hard to hear any other parts. Now I can hear the people around me a lot
more easily, and the audience can definitely hear whether our sound is flat or

The Constellation system is built around a D-Mitri® digital audio platform that hosts
patented VRAS acoustical algorithms. Acoustical ambience is captured by 38
microphones, and the enhanced acoustical response is delivered through over 200
speakers over the stage and audience, including MM-4XP self-powered, UP-4XP, and
UPM-1P loudspeakers, UPJunior™ and UPJ-1XP VariO™ loudspeakers, Stella-4
installation loudspeakers, and UMS-1P and UMS-1XP subwoofers. The system was
supplied by Singapore-based Coda Group.

Constellation is a part of a large renovation to the 19-year-old auditorium that also
includes new seats, energy-efficient lighting, new carpeting, sound-absorbing and
reflecting walls, and improved soundproof double doors. A previously installed
Meyer Sound M1D line array loudspeaker system with M1D-Sub subwoofers is used
for direct reinforcement when needed, with fill provided by MM-4 and UPM-1P

Singapore American School is an independent, non-profit, coeducational, college
preparatory day school offering an American curriculum with an international
perspective for students in preschool through grade 12. Established in 1956, the
school primarily serves the American and international expatriate communities of
Singapore, and has the largest Advanced Placement program outside of the United