Revolabs®, the premier provider of audio solutions for unified communications
(UC), enterprise collaboration, and professional audio applications, today announced
it has added new products to its Elite™ Wired family of conferencing microphones.
The new Elite Wired Microphones with Local and External Control come in a variety
of formats and colours, and add enhanced mute functionality to the company’s
wired microphone offering.

“We have expanded our offering and added new features customers have been
asking for. Our new microphones allow mute to be toggled locally using a button on
the microphone itself, as well as remotely through an external control system,” said
Jim Fairweather, executive vice president of global sales at Revolabs. “The addition
of these microphones to our portfolio gives customers a broad set of choices to
select microphones that best fit their needs and opens up more control options for
today’s varied and dynamic conferencing and presentation environments.”

New to the Elite Wired line is a five-wire microphone that augments its three-wire
predecessor, offering local control of push-to-talk, push-to-mute, and mute toggle
control, as well as integration with DSP systems for programmable remote mute
control. The five-wire version also incorporates an LED for visual indication of the
mute state, so users always know whether the mics are live or muted.

Ideal for environments that use wired, wireless, or a combination of the two
microphone types, the Elite Wired Microphones with Local and External Control
provide the same user interface and experience as other microphones in the Elite
Wired and Executive Elite wireless microphone families. The ability to operate a
hybrid-mic setup increases the maximum number of microphones available in a
space and combines wireless flexibility with the security of wired microphones.

As with all Revolabs microphones, the new Elite Wired Microphones provide superior
audio quality and set new standards for signal-to-noise ratio and range of supported
frequencies. They are available in directional and omnidirectional versions, as well
as 6-inch and 12-inch gooseneck versions, and come in black, white, and brushed
nickel to match a variety of interior designs and architectural environments.

The directional and omnidirectional versions of Revolabs’ Elite Wired Microphones
with Local and External Control are shipping now. Revolabs is accepting orders for
the gooseneck models for imminent delivery.

More information about Revolabs’ full line of products is available at