Working with the Ayrton MagicDot™-R luminaires proved to be a rewarding and
pleasurable “Weekend’ experience for Litecom’s designer, Mikkel Samuelsen, at the
recent Weekend (WKND) Festival.

This uber exciting northern hemisphere event took place in Sweden, Finland and
Estonia on the same weekend, at the start of August, with MagicDot™-R debuting at
the Swedish Festival in Stockholm. Topline acts in the line-up included Fatboy Slim,
Tiesto, Example and Tigerlily.

Samuelsen was asked to create a design for the main WKND stage and chose
Ayrton’s MagicDot-R as a major component of the main lighting scheme. Samuelsen
based his design around the idea of a series of “cells’ which, in turn, called for a
small, but powerful moving light that could operate within the confined space of
each cell. Each fixture needed to be small enough to fit within the “cells’ without
interfering or blocking the other lighting systems, but at the same time be intensely
powerful and manoeuvrable. Only Ayrton MagicDot-R was small and bright enough
to fit the bill.

In all, 88 MagicDot-R fixtures were used for this complex design, each of which
were fitted and mounted at a 90° angle into the audience-facing grid that flanked
the stage, and was built using Litecom’s MX1 piping system.

The Ayrton luminaires were supplied by Litecom, Denmark, purchased from Ayrton’s
exclusive Danish distributor, Atendi A/S. Extra MagicDot-R fixtures were obtained
from Motion in Germany, as many of Litecom’s MagicDot-R’s were, happily, already
out on other festival tours.

Litecom’s Girts Putelis worked with Samuelsen to produce the full visual solution for
the stage, including lighting and LED video walls. He said, “The brief for the EDM
stage design included specific instructions for low energy consumption and
lightweight fixtures that could be rigged using only single clamps. MagicDot-R’s
dimensions and LED source fulfilled all these requirements extremely well, with the
added bonus of fast continuous pan and tilt. Although they are not IP-rated for
outdoor use, we used our own Litecom-designed rain covers that worked
exceptionally well to protect the MagicDot-Rs from the weather, and we are happy
to report that the luminaires worked perfectly for the whole two days of the festival
and proved very reliable’.

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