Designed in the UK using Japanese components and assembled in Korea, each LightSlice is a full video pixel slice, offering the ultimate creative solution, with versatile rig and mounting options. It is perfect for TV, live events and exhibition sets. Broadcast quality video slice that is available in a robust, versatile, waterproof package.

The digiLED LightSlice is ideal for indoor and outdoor events where set designs require creative video solutions which don’t conform to the module and panel format of standard LED screens. In its native form the slice’s 10mm pixel pitch allows the construction of a true 10mm display surface, but that’s not the point really. LightSlice comes into its own when creating variable pitch displays, stunning video effects and organic shapes that complement stage and set design.

The digiLED Navigator NV does the clever bit and makes sure your content is perfectly mapped on the display, however mad your idea. Resolutions can be scaled to any custom requirement based on array alignment, and with six different mounting methods, the LightSlice can be attached to truss, decking, catenary, scaffolding or custom structures.

Placed end to end, many kilometres of LightSlice can be addressed and a display can be as big as you want it to be with multiple Navigator NVs keeping everything under control. The innovative design means there’s no need for expensive, noisy external control boxes, slave units or power supplies.