ETC is kicking off a new era in upper stage machinery with the introduction of the
P2 hoist. Offering quick installation, easy operation, revolutionary features and
affordable system expansion, P2 – the newest hoist in ETC’s Prodigy® family – can
go where other rigging systems can’t.

The compact, 130-kilogram* P2 fixed-speed hoist has a 300-kilogram load capacity
and can be used as a complete system by itself, or it can be combined with larger
hoists in a hybrid system. Using five millimetre lift wire rope, it offers 15 metres of
travel with up to eight lift lines. ETC’s QuickTouch® and Foundation® families of
rigging controllers are feature rich, yet intuitive and uncomplicated, and work
seamlessly with P2, and all of the hoist solutions from ETC Rigging.

The revolutionary features and capabilities that set ETC’s rigging products apart
from others are at work in P2. The P2 hoist can be installed with or without ETC’s
unique compression tube, is engineered to fit into the smallest spaces without
adding lateral loads to buildings, so venues that aren’t able to use other larger
hoists will finally be able to access automated rigging. Additionally, loft blocks can
be positioned independent of the building’s structural mounting points, and allows
users to support the attached load in a manner best fitting the load, instead of the

Safety is at the heart of P2, which includes load cell, and slack line detection. It
also has a self-locking worm-gear system to prevent accidents. P2’s control
electronics are built into the hoist, and incorporate hard-wired deadman and E-stop

Thanks to its advanced features and design, P2 is easier to install and commission
than most other hoists on the market. “It takes very little time to get P2 in place,’
says ETC Rigging Product Manager Nils Becker. “A pair of technicians could install
six fully-commissioned hoists in a single day. That saves venues on installation
costs, and results in less disruption to a production or event schedule.’

Adding additional hoists to a P2 system or upgrading existing hoists is also a simple
process. “Rigging systems from other manufacturers often require significant
control and wiring changes to add hoists, but ETC systems don’t,’ explains European
Rigging Sales Manager Enrico Nobile. “The faster installation and compatibility of
our system components results in cost savings for our customers.’

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