Survivor South Africa has come back with a twist that is rewriting Survivor history by having two sporting legends to lead the tribes through plotting and scheming, all in the quest to become the Ultimate Survivor.

Maurtitz Neethling, the Lighting Director on Survivor SA, commented on his thoughts of the lighting used “I chose a range of HMI & Tungsten from Filmgear because it is affordable and durable. We were working in harsh conditions of 38° with a humidity of 110% and terrestrial rain storms. I have used Filmgear’s lighting before and knew that the gear could withstand all those conditions. In all three Survivors that I have done, Filmgear has been my gear of choice. It just works.’

Gear List:

Tungsten, which consisted of 2kw Fresnels, 1kw Fresnels, 650kw Fresnels, 300kw Fresnels, 6kw Cinepars, 4kw Cinepars, and other HMI lighting as well as a variation of cold lights (Flo Boxes), all supplied by Filmgear.

John Harrison from Southern Lighting Solutions facilitated the rental of all the lighting via Donny Chan (Filmgear) and through the Filmgear Rental House, Cinerent (Malaysia).