Calrec Audio has launched a series of tutorial videos to demonstrate just how easy
the all-new Brio console is to use and to help Brio owners get up to speed quickly.
Calrec Audio’s Brio is the most powerful and compact digital broadcast audio
console in its class.

At under two minutes each, the films are designed to teach users how to perform
fundamental operational tasks — for example, “Assigning Audio Paths to Faders”
and “Connecting Inputs and Outputs.”

“Brio was launched to great acclaim at the NAB Show earlier this year, and we have
already sold many units across the globe,” said Dave Letson, Calrec’s vice president
of sales. “Brio’s target audience is wider than that of our larger products and spans
broader markets. These videos address the need to provide widespread training to
new and prospective customers and distributors alike.”

Each bite-sized tutorial can be easily accessed on a range of platforms. This allows
users to watch them on the fly, such as on their phone whilst sitting at the console.
The videos can be accessed online on Calrec’s website (
training-and-demo-videos/) or on the company’s YouTube channel playlist, Brio (

“Brio has proved immensely popular because of its compact size, power, simplicity,
and affordable price, as well as its dedicated set of broadcast features,” continued
Letson. “No other console in this price range can do what Brio is capable of doing.
You only have to watch the videos to see exactly what I mean!”